• Alex Parish

Winter Wonderland

Photo: Brooke Townsend Photography

Who loves a gorgeous, cozy winter wedding? We do! Stephanie and Adam's December wedding is sure to be a winter wedding to remember. From the smell of pine filling the room to warm candle lights flickering about the centerpieces, no detail was overlooked in the woodsy decor thoughtfully planned for this beautiful wedding.

The ceremony aisle was lined with pine cones and candles held by wooden candle holders. The backdrop featured a wooden arch with white drapery and greenery carefully placed to look as elegant and natural as the rest of the venue.

All heads were turned as our December bride gracefully made her way down the aisle, her elegantly detailed white dress flowing with every step. The ceremony was beautiful. The love shared between Stephanie and Adam is so apparent just by the way they look at one another.

The ceremony space was transitioned into the reception, and a pine cone firestarter was carefully placed at each place setting for every guest to take home and enjoy. Their aroma filled the ceremony and reception space with warm smells of pine, and guests enjoyed the various winter colors each pine cone was colored with. Wood, flowers and candles created a unique and romantic centerpiece for each table. Small pine cones nestled in each centerpiece pulled it all together.

The bride and groom shared a night full of fun, laughter, dancing and love with all of their guests, who sent the happy couple off on their honeymoon adventure with glow sticks and cheers for a lifetime of love and happiness.

It was the perfect winter wedding for a perfect couple.

Photos: Brooke Townsend Photography

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