• Alex Parish

The Perfect Blend

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

When you and your partner love coffee, you make everything on your big day the perfect blend!

Marcus and Abby's wedding was perfect - from their beautiful ceremony in the local St. Francis church, filled with the people who love them most, to their gorgeous reception at Rolling Meadows Ranch, where they danced the night away.

The reception centerpieces were a perfect combination of wine bottles with flowers, candles and wood chargers. The sweetheart table sat in front of the beautiful stone fireplace, accented with carefully picked flowers. Gorgeous white drapery and lights were hung from the ceiling to create the perfect ambiance for the night.

From toasts to their first dance and all through the night, so much love filled the room for Marcus and Abby.

As a thank you for their guests who came to celebrate the start of a lifetime of love and happiness, the newlyweds had a mug for every guest to take home - the perfect blend.

Thank you Marcus and Abby for giving us the honor of being there to help make your beautiful wedding perfect!

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