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Groom Gifts to Make the Men in Your Wedding Feel Special

Everyone needs to feel a little special now and again. And this is precisely the same when it comes to your wedding. Yes, the attention may very well be on the blushing bride dressed up as white as a dove.

But as the late, great Prince once declared -- This is what it sounds like when doves cry. Tears of joy and laughter will no doubt be shed on the big day. But there is no need to forget your groom when the joyous occasion comes around. 

Yes he may well have knocked back a few too many beers on his bachelor party, but your love is unwavering before, during and after the ceremony. 

Whether putting on his gladrags in the morning, making sure he smiles for photos or busting moves on the floor, your better half also needs to feel valued. 

And what better way to say thank you than with a groom gift. With all the excitement and emotion coursing through your veins, offer your hubby a little reassurance with a well chosen gift. 

Ensure you are thinking of him on the big day as we roundup some of the best groom gifts to give to your loved one.   

1. Personalized Stainless Steel Cigar Holder, Whiskey Flask, Cigar Cutter and Wooden Gift Box

Toast your groom’s success with this beautifully presented wooden gift box filled with a treasure trove of goodies. 

Featuring a cigar holder made from stainless steel, whiskey flask and cigar cutter, you can personalize everything with a little panache. Now that’s worth drinking to., $53.35

2. Personalized Collar Stiffeners

Make sure your groom looks the part with these elegant collar stays. Choose your own heartfelt message to your husband to be so it can be enjoyed as a treasured memento.

He’ll certainly wear this with pride not only on the big day but for years to come. Produced from polished stainless steel, it is both durable and easy to clean.

In addition, the plush lambskin wallet is ideal offering plenty of protection especially if you are off on that honeymoon., $16.99

3. Personalized Belgian Beer Glass

If continental beers float your groom’s boat then look no further than this stylish engraved beer glass. 

This elegant glassware can be used over and over again, whilst making the ideal groom gift for a beer aficionado. 

Pore praise over this stylish monogrammed glass which can be used long after the joyous day is over and is the perfect addition to any drinkers cabinet., $18.95

4. Fragrance

Ensure your hubby not only feels good but smells even better. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tie and tux or a three piece ensemble, rest assured that he'll be looking the part in no time. 

We adore this outstanding cologne from Tom Ford that will make your other half feel as glam as Marilyn Monroe. Featuring hints of black orchids and spice, the alluring black and gold glass bottle will create a long lasting statement from dusk till dawn., $128

5. Personalized Ascent Water Bottle

Commuting to work just got a little bit more interesting. Show your new husband how much you care with a personalized water bottle. 

Extremely useful for all manner of situations, they are vibrant and can be created according to your hubbie’s interest or passions. 

Benefit from copper coated double walls and stainless steel construction, guaranteeing your fave drinks are kept at the ideal temperature. 

Weighing less than 12 ounces, let your creative juices flow or cool off or cold cold beverage that will remain this way inside for 24 hours., $30

6. Custom Handkerchief

For tears of joy or laughter on the big day, a smart handkerchief is another thoughtful gift. This funky Aztec diamond themed design is certain to turn heads whilst it is made entirely from 100% cotton.

And of course the best can personalise the heck out of it. From monogram to a personal message, the Hank as it is called will leave an enduring place in your groom’s pocket.

This perfectly practical yet compact accessory will get him out of numerous situations such as a quick forehead wipe, a sniffly nose or a makeshift bandage., $6

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