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Getting Creative: Some of our Fave Favors

Photo taken by White Oaks Photography

Are you ready to forego traditional wedding favors and move in a more creative direction? Wedding favors can be a fun way to show your appreciation for all of your guests who came to celebrate with you. These small gifts can go a long way in letting your guests know how much their attendance meant to you, which is why our couples are putting more thought into their  favors. (Some are foregoing favors all together, and that's okay, too!) Here of our faves we've seen this year!

-Something edible: Give your guests something to munch on during the ride home, in their hotel room or the next morning! A donut display with to-go baggies makes for a fun late-night snack or morning treat for guests, especially those traveling out of town. Check out your favorite local donut shop to give your guests a taste of local donut fare! We also love these sweet jars filled with locally made honey, a treat that won't go bad! Some more of our faves are cake to-go boxes, candy and sweet treat bar displays with to-go baggies, s'mores goodie bags, and personalized cookies from local favorites like Dorothy Lane Market.

-They say a picture is worth a thousand words: get fun and creative and have a photobooth or caricature artist as your favors! You're guests will have a fun photo to take home filled with great memories from your big day.

-Have some DIY fun: create your very own rock magnets with painted words or phrases on them to share the love! Get your girls together for a girls night and crafting fun to make these beauties. Your guests will enjoy the personal touch of these and can put them on their fridge!

-Share what you love: are you and your partner campers? Coffee drinkers? We love these personalized mugs that can be used over the fire! Think about something that you both love and how you can turn it into a fun favor for your guests.

We want to hear about your favorite wedding favors! Comment below with some of your faves from weddings you've been to. Happy planning!

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