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Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers!

Are you ready to pick out flowers for your big day? Deciding on flowers can feel intimidating, but it’s actually a lot of fun! Here are some tips for picking out the perfect flowers to compliment you and your spouse for your big day.

1. Consider your ceremony and reception. Are you having flowers at both? If so, think about what flowers you want at the ceremony and what flowers you want at the reception. You may decide to coordinate the two, or you may decide to do something completely different for both! If you are keeping your budget in mind, you may even consider having something at the ceremony that can be easily moved to the reception.

2. Stop and smell the roses! Some flowers give off a stronger fragrance than others. Think about whether you want flowers with a strong smell, but also consider what fragrance they give off. If you are picking a fragrant flower, be sure you and your spouse will enjoy the smell!

3. Consider what flowers are in season. Flowers that are not in season can be more costly, while flowers that are in season during your wedding date may come at a lower cost and with higher availability.

4. Think about what color and size options are available for the flowers you choose. Different flowers come in different colors and sizes, so be sure the flowers you choose are available the way you envisioned. You may even decide to mix and match!

5. Most importantly, have fun! Flower shopping is a lot of fun. Take your partner, your family, friends, or whoever you want and enjoy the experience! Some florists have the option to take a class to create your own centerpieces, bouquets or boutonnieres! Just have fun with it!

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