• Alex Parish

Cake, Dessert Bar, or Both?

Heading to the bakery to pick our your wedding cake can be a lot of fun for couples, especially if you are a cake person! With lots of choices available, it seems like the possibilities are endless. Do you want a cake with a filling? What shape will your cake be? Are you saving the top tier? Will you have sheet cake for everyone else? What about a groom's cake? Okay, sometimes it can feel overwhelming, too, but worry not! We are here to help and the bakers you work with will have great suggestions, too.

We love cake...okay, we love almost anything sweet! Our biggest piece of advice? Go with you and your partner's favorite flavors. Maybe you prefer cupcakes. Do it! Don't like cake? Have you thought about ice cream? Or maybe you want to have a candy bar or dessert table with lots of goodies guests can snack on or take home.

Whatever you choose will be the perfect decision and your guests will love their treat! Just have fun with it! Check out some of our favorites below!

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